PhotographerNathan David Kelly

Nathan David Kelly

A lifetime of photography

Nathan has spent more than 30 years creating images.


His skill, attention to detail, the ability to create images spontaneously, approach subject matter in unique and different ways and always seeking to align his way of seeing the world and his vision as a photographer into the final image is what makes Nathan a true professional.


Kelly's work has been published all over the world in books, magazines and television productions.


His photographs are also included in several prestigious collections and galleries including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Portrait Gallery and The National Library of Australia.


the journey


"I love creating images it is the way I gain understanding of the world in which I live and the experiences I record these moments to share with the world...that is what I do."

"Nathan Kelly has produced some of the best music portraiture i have ever seen, simply by being where it matters most.


Away from the public Gaze."

Mark Seymour





"You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears"

Paul Cezanne


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